There are 3 ways to qualify

There are 3 ways to qualify

Be the 2019 Champion
If you won your division, you will be invited back to defend your title

The Online Qualifier
This year’s online qualifier will consist of five workouts, to be completed within 10 days from March 2nd to March 5th, 2020. All qualifying athletes will be required to submit videos to verify scores.

Win a local event
Athletes can also receive an invitation by winning an approved local competition in their respective division. The current list of qualifying events is listed below.

2020 Qualifying Events

February 1 – Stockton, CA – Golden State Games, Presented by Human Improvement Project (TEAM)

April 4-5 – San Jose, CA – Moxie Mania, Presented by CrossFit Moxie (INDY) (TEAM)

April 18-19 – Gnardog Challenge, Presented by Gnardog CrossFit (TEAM)

April 25-26 – Tacos and Ta Kill Ya, Presented by CrossFit AOF (TEAM)

Past Qualifying Events

August 24th – Stockton, CA – Summer Showdown, Presented by ASAP Fitness. (TEAM)
September 22nd – Sacramento, CA – Caffeine and Kilos Invitational, Presented by Caffeine and Kilos (TEAM)
September 21-22 – Seattle, WA – The Cascade Classic, Presented by RARR (INDY) (TEAM)
September 27-28 – Ventura, CA – The Masters Clash, Presented by Bill Grundler and Mike Tromello (MASTERS)
October 5 – Sacramento, CA – Iron October, Presented by Iron Mile Fitness (TEAM)
November 16 – Folsom, CA – Glory Days, Presented by Anywherefit (MASTERS)